How do I make two different lists based on the same sheet?

I know of course how to play with visibility based on certain rules.
But is this possible too?
I want to show two different views on a list in two different tabs.
So in the tab admin i want to show a hint text and a delete row button that shouldnt be there in the team tab. I want people to go to the admin tab only when they want to change or delete stuff and use the rest of the app as read only.
And I don’t want to work with roles.
There is no tab option in visibility, but is there another way to do this? You can’t make two totally different inline liste of the same data can you?

I do this in some apps by this way.

Create a “Viewing from” column in your user profiles sheet.

On each click of item in the Admin tab, you use a set column to set the “Viewing from” column value to “Admin”.

Then you configure the components as needed for the Admin tab (hint text and delete row button visible when Viewing from is Admin).

In the Team tab you do the same, but set the value to “Team”.


Thanks a lot! I go try that!

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Just realized you don’t need to link back to user profiles, just set it to a user specific column in the same sheet :sweat_smile: