Tabs in Tabs

Hello the community.

I want to create a tabs where we can see two differents people : user and prospect

I find something like this with favorite, but I don’t find if is possible to do this for what I try to do.
I want on one side actual user, and the other side the prospect. I try to just put favorite for prospect but I have 2 issues :

  • because is favorite, the prospect is on the 2 sides
  • I don’t have an excel column for favorite to tell who is favorite or not

Thanks for all

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This would be a feature request. I’ve wanted something similar as well for my to-do app. New and Completed, for example. The best I’ve been able to do is use the detail screen with the same inline list twice but with different filters…but they’re stacked on top of one another.

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i would create a sheet by getting unique emails from the app:logins sheet. This will allow for per user records that you can display in details style view and filtered by signed in user. On this new sheet, add a column that will contain the value of the view you want each user to have (User/Prospect).
Next create a sheet that contains a header and the values ‘User’ and ‘Prospect’. This will be used for a choice component.
Now create 2 inline lists. One to display User’s and one to display Prospects. Use any filters you need to get each list to display the proper data. Create a choice component with the horizontal segmented layout at the top of the screen. Fill it with the the sheet that contains the User/Prospect values. Selecting User or Prospect will set the value in the New user specific sheet. This value will be used to set visibility to determine which inline list you want to view on the screen.

If you want, you can set this up with relations and use one list, but that all depends on how you have things set up.

Look at the Dynamic List Filter in It’s a very similar concept that actually combines visibility with relations.

This is recent post that is very similar:

I really want to stop suggesting this method, because I believe a new function to help this will be released soon. The new function is a User Specific Data column that will allow for per user values saved in a single column. This would allow for a single row instead of a row for each user.