Regarding Tabs

We are building a sales app.

We have 2 Verticales in our Business one is real estate and another is Retails.
Each business has 3 tabs ( Leads, Tasks, & Reports)

Goal - Employee from Real Estate Vertical should not see tabs for retail vertical and vice versa.

Query - Is there a way to duplicate tab.

Assuming you’re using a user profiles setting, probably you can try this.

In each of the sheets for Reports, Sales etc have a column that marks which type can see which row (as in a Report with type A can only be seen by users of type A).

Make a template column in each of those tabs, point the value to user’s type in the user menu so it will change dynamically based on the logged in user.

Create an If Then Else column named Visibility, if Template Column is the same as Type then True, else False.

In the interface, filter items by Visibility = True.