Updating info one Glide Table from two Tabs?

Hi All!
I wonder if anyone has solved the “screen variant” issue as yet (there seems to be a few requests in the past)? i.e. Two tabs referencing 1 Glide Table and updating different columns in each Tab (for the same Row of data).


  1. I have a Glide Table with 2 Columns (both Number) and 1 row
  2. I have two Tabs that reference the same Glide Table
    On Tab 1 - I want to view / update Column 1 via Number Entry Component 1 (and not see Number Entry Component 2)
    On Tab 2 - I want to view / update Column 2 via Number Entry Component 2 (and not see Number Entry Component 1)

My logic says that I need a visibility filter to tie against the Tab e.g. Show Number Entry Component 1 when Tab = Tab 1.

I might be over complicating this and the solution is staring me in the face, but any suggestions on how I could do this would be very gratefully received. Many thanks!

With the new compound action I think you can do it.

I’m not sure if two tabs can have two actions tied to the same list of items, if you can’t do that just make 2 inline lists, but here we go.

Create a user-specific column in your user profiles sheet called “Viewing Tab”.

In Tab 1, the action tied with your list should go like this:

  • Set column: Viewing tab to “Tab 1” (Make a further template column that stores the “Tab 1” text, we can’t insert custom values yet)

  • View details

Similarly in Tab 2, set column Viewing tab to “Tab 2” (another template column) and view details.

Show the number entry component 1 when signed-in user’s Viewing tab is Tab 1 and vice versa.

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Hi @ThinhDinh,
Firstly, thank you for the super quick response!
Secondly, you are a Legend!!! I’ve been sweating over this one for a while and was about to remove the idea altogether - but this is working like a charm and opens so many doors to a better user experience!

Thank you for your help!!


This made my day. I love the set columns action. Glad it helped your case!

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