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I am having a problem displaying something and I’m kinda pulling my hair out because I know I’m missing something.

Using relationship fields, I have created user-specific lists that allows each user to create a list, give it a name and then add multiple items to the list. I’ve created a screen that lists each user’s lists. Clicking the name of the list takes the user to the “detail for this item” screen. There the user can see the items on the list and below it a choice component that the user can use to add or remove items by clicking on the name of the item. That all works great.

However, I want the person to be able to share the list, without the choice component, and with a slightly different layout. In other words I want to create a unique screen that is just the list of items and that is viewable by any user. But I can’t figure out how to do that. I tried an action that shows a new screen for the item (I.e. for the list) and that worked to an extent…it showed just the list…but when I tried to create an action for copying a link to that screen, the resulting link that is copied takes the user to the prior screen…the one with the choice component on it.

I know one solution would be to use visibility to hide the choice component and create a second list that is visible just to other users. But I feel like I’m missing something…there must be a way to create a second (or third ) view of that list. Any hints would be appreciated.

You are 90% the way the there and your logic is sound. You want to use the “Show New Screen” action.

When determining which list should be the “View details” and which should be the “Show new screen”, the “View Details” screen should be most often be the “public view”…so, if it were me, I’d use a “Show New Screen” action for the private, configurable view and the “Show Details Screen” as the action on the user list that everyone else has access to.


Whew! Thank you…! As I suspected, it hadn’t occurred to me that there were two ways to do this. Swapping which was the detail screen and which was the new screen did the trick. Thanks.

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