Double feed button discovery

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I went through Glide materials about lists but I still can’t figure out how to solve that one.

I would like a double list to display a double feed (please see below).

I would like to know what it exactly is and how to implement it. Especially, do you think it is technically possible for it to work as wanted :
(i) the left button displays a first feed (inline list) with posts, users can click on a post and tick a checkbox ; and
(ii) the right button displays a second feed with another inline list that only displays the posts with ticked checkboxes

I’m guessing that there is a workaround with a spreadsheet magic like a relation to match TRUE (ticked boxes) to something or maybe to automatically add it ? The “Favorite” documentation on Glide shows the same double button menu that populate with favorite items but I wonder how it would work with checkboxes.

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Enabling favorites will do this automatically, but if you want your own version to work the way you want, then check out For you it comes down creating a sheet and then creating a user specific column in that sheet to hold the choice component value. You will display this sheet as your tab. Based on the the selected choice value you will show one of 2 lists. One that’s filtered and one that’s not. My example app uses a complicated set of relations, lookups and forms to set the favorites, but now that we have user specific columns, this should be much easier to achieve with a simple user specific column to hold the checkbox value.

Also look at the Food/Activities tab in and the Dynamic List Filter in


@Jeff_Hager That concepts app is awesome! :100:


Thank you for your help Jeff! It was very helpful. I had a look at @Robert_Petitto 's tutorial on user specific columns where I learned a lot.I think I am now halfway to the wanted result. I can hold the ticked box for each users and not others.

However, I have troubles as for the layout. First the choice bar displays “true”, is it possible to change that title if my filter is based on a checkbox hence the boolean?

Also, as for now, tapping the filter is only adding a :ballot_box_with_check: to my sheet. I would like the user to be able to tick kind of posts (with title, image, date, note) to filter them (add it to another list). I’m even considering using another tab instead of using a choice bar.

I may be unclear please see the following app :

My goal is : a list of added task, when user opens one and tick the box, it moves / or is copied to a “achieved” either choice or tab.

I modified your app a little bit. Take a look at this copy and see if this is what you are looking for on the first tab.

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This is exactly what I was looking for Jeff!! I will try to implement it on the main app

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