Direct messages

HI! is possible create like privates messages in the preset app called instagram? thanks

It’s possible! Take a look at my app

Can you share the mechanics behind this app? Or at least the direct message feature?

I share how I do it in this post:

I plan on adding this app to the template store once it’s approved…stay tuned!

I’d definitely be interested. Thanks

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Hi Robert - nicely done with the DMs! I tried locating the info on how you added the direct messaging feature in the link you shared but I couldn’t seem to find it. Is it in the 'Booking app that prevents…" thread?

Had the same issue as Amanda !
Really dope that you got it to work Robert, would like to see the post when you can reach back !

@Amanda_Schulze @ikleveland Whoops! I explained the mechanics of my Meet with Me app in that post…not my Messenger app.

I’ll make a video on this one shortly.


Thank you, that’d be amazing! I am working on a directory platform, and it would be a game changer to have a way for people to message each other.

I plan to add it to the template library as well. The only features that are missing are push notifications (nothing we can do about that though) and the ability for choice components to display one value (eg. usernames) but write a different value to the sheet (eg. emails).

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Oh great- will definitely keep an eye out for that. Re the push notifs - I imagine that means there is no way to let users know they have a new message? Unless an email somehow gets triggered? Either way seems you came up with a creative solution to achieve this, kudos.

If the user has a phone number stored, you could send a text.

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@Amanda_Schulze @mmgt2005 @ikleveland

My Messenger app hit the Glide template store!

:raised_hands::raised_hands: Thank you!! Can’t wait to dive into this