Community Meetup | June 2, 2020 – 17.00 (CET)

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This sounds like a lot of fun!
I’m working on an app with a lot of user generated content. Efficient data structure and reducing lag are top of my list.

Please add me:

@Mrinal_Chakraborty @David_Fefferman @MikeGodoy, hello there. I just sent calendar invitations via email.

Great topic suggestions, thanks! Feel free to send more ideas if any come up.

See you on Tuesday.

Another few topics that are top of mind for me right now:

  1. Private messaging within an app
  2. App push notifications
  3. Zero-state/first time user tutorials that disappear after the user finishes a task

I know there are posts on just about all of these topics, and I’m diving into them. Still, would be great to cover/discuss.

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Regarding the private messaging, here’s a template of it.

App push notifications has been requested multiple times, but it’s hard to achieve on iOS.

Can we add a topic of onboarding screens? These could be tutorials or an overview of an app and are vital in deciding if a potential customer uses the app or not.
These are to be showcased only to first time users of any app. For both public apps and public with email apps.


@Manan_Mehta, I will add your topic as well as @David_Fefferman’s requests to the topics list.

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please add me:

Please add me also

Some topics of interest:

  • Push notifications
  • Custom REST apis
  • 25000 rows, will we ever have this limit increased
  • Make the Like component customizable, e.g. down vote, upvote instead of just Liked
  • Drop pin on Google map to set a location

@Wayne @FredHerrera
I sent invitations to your email address. See you on Tuesday! :slight_smile:

Please count me in.

I would like to propose the following Topics:

  1. Cash on Delivery (COD) as an additional option at checkout
  2. Combined Public & Private access for users

+1 for this. I’m at work during this time and will be unavailable, but I am interested in the topics. This could be the beginning of a library of live meetings to use as reference.

Hi @Tim_Sullivan, it would have been nice to see you on the call. Surely some other time.

For the time being, we haven’t planned to record the meetup: we want the Gliders who take part, including those who use Glide to make apps for their own clients, to feel comfortable discussing challenges they themselves might face.

We will be taking notes though, and we are discussing options to share these with the community, possibly in a Glide app should we opt for that medium.

Are there any topics you would have liked to see discussed?

I’m so in :grin:. c u Tuesday.
pls add me,

I totally understand why you would not want to record the meeting, and I didn’t have anything specific to discuss. I was just looking forward to watching the meeting. If I come up with a topic, I’ll be sure to send it to you. I look forward to seeing the notes afterwards. I hope it goes well for you, I think this is a great idea. Good luck & thanks!

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Calendar invitation sent @yinon_raviv :wink:

See you in Tuesday!

Please add me I’ll be working but hopefully I can make to the meetup!
There’s a lot of topics I’m interested!

Thanks in advance!

@Erni_D, I just sent you a calendar invitation. See you on Tuesday!

Hopefully I can take some notes and make posts later on this community which would help people.