Join our Live Quarterly Q&A with Glide CEO, David Siegel (Thursday 14th April, 1pm CT)

Hey everyone :wave:

Join Community Lead, Tom Gray (@iamtomgray), and Glide CEO, David Siegel (@david), for our quarterly Q&A session to kick off this quarter — and take a look back at what our community and team accomplished last quarter :tada:

Questions for David? :thinking: Reply to this thread and we just might answer it live. Ask David questions about Glide, the vision, and what’s in store for the future. All experience levels are welcome. Bring your Glide projects and questions so we can explore solutions together live. Let’s continue to grow and experiment together :rocket:

Our interactive community hangout will be Thursday 14th April, 1 pm CT :dizzy:
> > > We’ll be live here < < <

Look forward to getting on a call with you, and until then, happy building!
Have a smashing week.

-Tom Gray


Hey folks!

One day to go :tada: If you have any questions for David (@david), don’t forget to add them in the thread below.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow (Thursday) 1 pm CT. :partying_face:


> > > We’ll be live here < < <

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I have a few questions for @david
1.- Who is the ideal Glideapps client? Is it an entrepreneur? SMB? Mid-enterprise? Has the ideal client changed in the 3 years that Glide has existed?
2.- As platforms, such as Glide, get more robust, the learning curve increases. Glide’s tagline is still a billion developers in 8 years. How do you find a balance between a robust platform and an easy learning curve?
3.- What product(s) is your reference for Glide Pages? Which products do you look up to?
4.- How do you choose which features are prioritized when defining new quarterly/yearly goals?


Hi Tom - my questions:

Will there be more UI/graphics options coming up? Would love to have more options for things like

  • Adding a 2nd color to the theme as an accent. I like having the main color automatically placed, but an accent color would create a more sophisticated look and feel. It could be auto-placed as well or given as an option for buttons and similar items.
  • Adding a component that contains both text and image so that the image could be to the left or right of the text as chosen, and the image would be larger than the small avatar image that we have now (too small for more than icons)
  • Enhancing the login process to make it simpler for new users - for example including the option of instructions on how to save to your home screen (I have spent way too much time hand holding new users that are clueless and confused)
  • More font options or an option to use one font for headlines and a second font for body text.

I realize that some of these might be done with CSS but I don’t understand how to use it and don’t want to learn code and it is also not supported.

I appreciate the many changes that Glide has implemented this last year in other areas and am hoping that as the platform evolves, some of these design options can be addressed. Thanks!


My Questions:

  1. Do Glide have any plans to better manage concurrency issues?

When two or more users update the same value at about the same time, the current behaviour is that it’s the last one in wins. This can often be a problem, and to work around it we need to use a 3rd party - Apps Script, Zapier, Integromat/Make, etc.

A classic example of when this is a problem is when you’re incrementing a counter. Two clients increment the counter locally to the same value at the same time, and then when they both sync with the Glide back end, the counter is off by one.

  1. Scalability

Row limits and row owners aside, most apps will start to slow down once you approach and exceed 20k rows. My understanding is that a big part of the reason for this is because all 20k rows are downloaded to the client device. Clearly, this won’t scale.
Will Glide apps/pages ever support (and perform well) with 100k rows in the back end?
What about one million rows?
What about one billion rows?



  1. I think David mentioned the team was working on this previously, so I’m wondering if it’s still on the roadmap ---- Login with email/password after initial PIN entry. The current process of sending PINs by email is fine for most cases, but for users who tend to clear their browser history more often (for various reasons), it can make the “re-login” process a bit tedious, especially if the app is internal and the user doesn’t have their organizational email on the device they’re using to access the app (they’d have to login to their email separately to retrieve the PIN). The ability to set a password after initial login would be a more familiar and common process for these users, likely allowing them to save the password to their device and leading to quicker ability to access the app even after browser history is cleared.

  2. Boy or girl :grinning:? And congrats (saw the IG post last week)! :tada::tada::tada:


All of this!

Quick edit: Any comment on an authenticated storage feature?

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One hour to go! :man_dancing::dancer: Don’t forget to add your questions in the thread. We’ll try and answer them live in the session :zap:

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I couldn’t make this live. Is there a replay available?

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Also interested in the replay

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Hey folks! :wave: Here’s the recording :rocket:

Look forward to seeing you at the next one :tada:


Great ! Thanks :wink:

Hi @iamtomgray,

Is the video to the last Q&A session with David available?
The last one you posted was very informative and much appreciated.

I must say even though I cant attend most of these sessions due to the time difference, the wealth of knowledge these sessions provide cannot be underestimated especially getting to understand the bigger picture w.r.t Glide and the vision. Thanks



Thanks so much for your lovely message and for being a part of our community! :pray: We’re super excited to be doing loads more of the coming weeks and months.

If you haven’t registered already, we’d love you to join our first Glide Power Hour: A Glide Masterclass on Beautiful Design. Details found here.

There will be a recording, of course :rocket:


You can find the recording here Quarterly Q&A with CEO, David Siegel - Zoom

There was another one after this one where David was to discuss in detail the new team plans etc…unless I am mistaken…

Ignore my last post @iamtomgray, I found the video I was looking for under a different post. Thanks

This one? On-Demand! Glide Community Special (April 28th, '22)