Date in Data Grid

I have a data grid with a date column. When I change the date value, Glide swaps the month with the day.
So, for example, I want to enter this date: 01/02/2023 (dd/mm/yyyyy) and it is stored as 02/01/2023 (dd/mm/yyyyy). I also tried creating a Glide table with the new time zone support function, but nothing seems to change.
The date is correctly inserted within a form but I need it to be edited in a data grid.
What can I do?

When you manually type in a date, glide doesn’t know if you meant Jan 2nd or Feb 1st. By default, is going to assume US format of MM/DD/YYYY. If you are going to manually enter a date, you would be better off explicitly spelling it out, such as ‘Feb 2 2023’ or ’ 2 Feb 2023’ or using YYYY/MM/DD format, since that is internationally recognized.


Ok thank you! I was hoping there was a more elegant solution. Maybe in the future Glide will add the ability to change the date through a Date Picker (in a data grid).

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Yes, a date picker would be ideal. Hopefully they will expand the functionality of the data grid in the future.

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