Data not showing on publish site

I had made an app on slide that show information of the dog and their owner.
I had created a collection of dogs and show to homepage through user’s relation
In edit mode it’s ok that show everything from dog table which relation to dog_activities table and dog_items table but when I publish the app that data were disappeared and I don’t know the reason. My app and tables are behind.

Do you have row owners/roles/user-specific columns tied to this flow?

I also notice you’re viewing as “anyone” in the builder. Does that show if you’re viewing as a specific user?

Yes it does show when I’m viewingg as a specific user
Sorry that’s I’m new to Gilde and don’t know about the row owners/roles/user-specific columns tied to this flow as you said, but I get data through the relation of user and dog like that

It’s seem like other data like image and name of the dogs has shown but the data from column using rollup not showing

I assume the query “Morning_items” is showing 3 matches? And you expect the rollup to show 3?