Collection not showing in Published App

Hi, I have created Public Glide Page without any sign in options.

When looking in editor, it shows the entries.

Whereas when we go to actual published app, its not showing any entry.

Am I missing something?

Flow of my Page is, User will fill up certain values in Form, on Submit, it will add Row in Submission Table, Clears the value of “this item”.



Is this something I am not doing correct?

After looking in Editor, looks like, the Row in Submission table is also getting cleared. Don’t know why? Can someone help?

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Why are you clearing the values in the current row?

The only time you would normally do that is if you were using a custom form with user specific columns. Is that the case?

Hi Darren, thanks for replying. Yes I am using Custom form but without user specific columns.

I actually created this App using this template. Glide Templates | Multi-step Form | Create a No Code App

What should I do in that case?

I changed the actions little bit, but it still not showing in published app.

Screenshot of data editor

Screenshot of Editor

Screenshot of published app

Hi @Darren_Murphy

I have recorded the video of how it is working.

Looks like a bug.

All those entries which are visible in Editor were added inside of Editor (and not the published app). All entries which are added through Published App are not visible anywhere.

Actually, no. Your columns are user specific. You can tell this from your data editor screen shot:

Are you viewing the Published App as the same user that submitted the form? If you’re not, then you won’t see anything.

Anyway, you are adding rows to a table that contains all User Specific columns, which is almost certainly not what you should be doing.

I just downloaded that template to take a look. Which table are you adding rows to - the Form table or the Submissions table?

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The problem is with your Submissions table.
Because all those columns are user specific, each user will only see rows that they created themselves.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy .

Got it, I guess it is creating problem because I actually edited existing user-specific columns of template to my use and did not changed the user-specific settings.

That looks correct. My Bad.

Thank you so much for help.

In the original template, the columns in the Submissions table are not user specific.

If you set it up like that, it should work fine.


Thank you. It’s working now perfectly.

@Darren_Murphy I need one more help.

As soon as the custom form is submitted, can I redirect the user to the detailed screen of his/her submitted entry?

You could probably do a Show Details Screen or Show New Screen with your Submissions table as the target, and filter it to show the last row.

That may fall down if you have multiple users submitting at the same time. If that’s the case you’re best adding a “CreatedBy” column in your Submissions table (if you don’t already have one), and use that as an additional filter.


Thank you @Darren_Murphy for this. I will try and let you know.

Are you saying to add user-specific column or just adding normal Createdby column?

Just a normal text or email column, and add the users email address or UserID when the form is saved.

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But in that case, how do I filter the records by this field? Because since its custom form, I am clearing all values in Form table as soon as it is submitted. Precisely, there are no values in “this item” records for filtering. I may be wrong here, but please let me know in case if that can be done in any way.

I like your suggestions of filtering the records by latest submission date. I understand multiple submission at the same will create issue. However, there will be hardly any such cases where multiple submissions will be done.

The column should be added in your submissions table.
You don’t need it in your form table, as you can use the value from the user profile when the form is submitted.

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I do not have user profile. App is public without Sign In option.

Okay, well that changes things.

In that case you have no way to know who created the records, so you will just have to navigate to the last row in the submissions table and hope that it is the correct row.

The only time that might not work is if you have two or more users that submit a record at exactly the same time.

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I agree. I like the idea of showing latest submission. That is best I feel considering the situation.

Thank you for all your continuous help. Take care.