Collection showing all items in Backend but not in published APP

Hey Gliders,

Another question.
When i am in the backend I can see all my customer orders, but in the actual published app not all the items pull through.

Any advice here?

  • Are you viewing as the same user in both cases?
  • Do any of your tables have row owners applied?

Hi Darren,

Same user and I have row owners applied. but none of that has changed since the order that is showing and the new orders done today

I am sure i have done something somewhere that is blocking some visibility, but it is tsrange that it will show in the backend, but not in in the published view.

Can you show me what it looks like in the Data Editor?

Also, do you have any filtering applied to the Collection? If yes, can you describe or show that please?

It might be easier to give you access to the app?

I have some filtering here and there to show various info to either Admin or customer and if items are in billing or not.
First two screens are from the backend and the last two is from the published app.

If you send me a private message with the Team Invite link, I can take a look.

Just closing the loop on this one, the issue was related to Row Owners.
And more specifically, the fact that the Row Owner values were being added with a form onSubmit Set Column Values action, and so they weren’t always being set correctly. Interesting thing is the values “appeared” to be there in the Data Editor, but a refresh would cause them to disappear.

The fix was to pass the row owner values as column values with the form.

cc. @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager - yet another example of why onSubmit Set Column Values is a bad idea.


Yep. Until there is a proper explanation from Glide explaining how and when On Submit actions run (synchronous, asynchronous, await, etc), I will never trust it because I don’t know how it’s running behind the scenes.


Who from Glide would we need to tag to get a proper explanation here? Perhaps Brett and Andy, and they could investigate?

@BrettH @NoCodeAndy

Theoretically the On Submit action occurs after the Form data update occurs. But Jeff’s supposition seems to cal that into question.

Did I get this correct?

I don’t know if there has ever been a formal question posed to Glide but the issue has come up over and over both here and in the slack group. I don’t think any body knows exactly how On Submit or custom actions are executed.

@MattLB yes On Submit technically happens after the form submit, but does it wait for the row to be added first? Do On Submit actions run asynchronously, meaning the row has to be completely added and stable before any following actions are executed? Or is it synchronous and On Submit actions run regardless if the add row action has finished or not? Same for custom actions…do they run one at a time or all fire at once? One would think that it’s one at a time, but there hasn’t been clarification on that.

I’m a little skeptical to use something if I don’t know the order of execution, and seeing enough confusion in the forum leads me to shy away from using On Submit for anything other than very basic actions.

The whole row owner thing with On Submit makes more sense to me. If you create a row without row owners, you immediately lose ownership before the On Submit actions fire, so there becomes no owned row to update. Which also leads to another question…what happens if an action in a custom action sequence fails? Does everything fail or just the one action? I recently discovered that that glide will hide a button if one action in a custom action sequence can’t be executed. That’s a problem for me. In my case, if one can’t fire, it shouldn’t stop the rest. It means I have to blow out my custom action into several branches to account for multiple possible scenarios that end up doing the same thing in the end.


I have always wondered if these actions are atomic and aer fired AFTER the row update so I guess I am using the Hope Strategy…I hope they are.

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