🦾 Data Grid Component in Glide Pages!


Brand new component in Glide Pages — Data Grid!

It’s the Data Editor as a component!

  • Add multiple columns
  • Allow Editing
  • Allow Adding of Rows
  • Add search and filtering

This is amazing—gives your app users access to the data table without giving them access to your team folder!

You can also allow how the data is organized/displayed:

Warning: Users that have access to this component might have the ability to edit your data!



Ii was going to wrap my app, then i saw this new function, i thought it is charts for the first look, once i start experiment with it, i found it opening a new era for my app.

Really Thank You Glide Team.

Thank you, Glide team! :+1:t3:

Now I love Pages more and more! :heart:

Thanks Glide Team! Superb! :raised_hands:


Great, thanks.
This is super useful for Management Apps.


  1. Sort asc dsc feature also should be user side. Not just in the editor.
    You can also set up down arrows in UI.

  2. There has to be a clickable button to navigate the detailed screen.


I just tried to explore data grid component. On the image 01, I hope data grid component provides an action button of each row. I tried to use a table component for a table of trial balance with an action show details.

On image 02, I use data grid component for displaying the details of accounts ledger. But, I have no idea how to create the running balances. I hope a math column is an alternative solution on the column of data grid component.

Thanks for the update!

@Robert_Petitto, if Glide takes this Data Grid component and allows us to add any header for each column (without that little data type icon), wouldn’t that give us exactly what we were talking about in my 5/20/2022 feature request that you replied to?

See Pages Table Columns in feature requests.


Yup. They just need to add an action button etc per row.


@Robert_Petitto, I can’t get the Data Grid filtering to work on number fields. If I filter on a text field it works fine. But if I try to filter on any number field (FIELD > 0) it returns nothing. Do you have any experience with this?

UPDATE: It is working for Field is empty or Field is not empty. The field in question is formatted as currency–could that be the problem?


So you format it as currency in Google Sheets and force it to be number in Glide? Have you tried a pure number column?

I need it to be currency. Based on your response, I’m wondering

  1. Does Glide have a currency format for numbers?
  2. Or do I need to build a number column and then for display purposes build a template column of “$ Number Field”


You can do it like this, in a single number column.

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You Rock! Problem solved. Thank you.


What’s wrong with my Data Grid? It does not have neither Add Row nor Sort options clicking on column header…

And it’s absolutely necessary Action feature on row/cell click.


I don’t have these features either! And it’s not clear to me how to adjust the width of the columns? Experts please help.

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It’s a known bug for engineering, it will get fixed eventually but we don’t have an ETA.

  • Can we have a detail view button?
    (I don’t wanna clutter the app with irrelevant information - yet that information is necessary in terms of it being accessible)

  • And Grouping, same as with Tables.
    Group the Data Grid by a specific column


Hey everyone! It’s possible to have pagination in Data Grid? Thank you :slight_smile: