#Pages Table list or/and Data Grid should

Summarizing posts and comments about Data Grid and Table.

  • Table should have more columns.
  • Table should have a user-side sorting feature by clicking on header.
  • Data Grid should have an option to turn off the column type header icons.
  • Data Grid sort asc dsc feature also should be user side. Not just in the editor. You can also set up down arrows in UI.
  • Data Grid should have a clickable button (or just click on row) to navigate the detailed screen or edit screen.
  • Data Grid needs to be horizontal strached

And we need to know the clear rules how Data Grid formes relation items view.

@rleinen @fluittsolutions @IDEApps @Purvang_Joshi

I would also love to see tables be responsive or at least have the option to be, so that on small screens the columns stack rather than disappear off the screen.