#Pages Table list or/and Data Grid should

Summarizing posts and comments about Data Grid and Table.

  • Table should have more columns.
  • Table should have a user-side sorting feature by clicking on header.
  • Data Grid should have an option to turn off the column type header icons.
  • Data Grid sort asc dsc feature also should be user side. Not just in the editor. You can also set up down arrows in UI.
  • Data Grid should have a clickable button (or just click on row) to navigate the detailed screen or edit screen.
  • Data Grid needs to be horizontal strached

And we need to know the clear rules how Data Grid formes relation items view.

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I would also love to see tables be responsive or at least have the option to be, so that on small screens the columns stack rather than disappear off the screen.

Really missing the power of buttons (and actions) in the already powerfull Data Grid. It would instantly openup infinite usecases. Had to turn down some projects because of this. Workaround would be too complex.

I personally would love to see the choice component possibility INSIDE the data table.

Use cases: View a lot of data on one screen and immediately take action on what you see.

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Have you looked into custom collections? Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but with custom collections you can display collections of data and associate actions with each item. You can also include a choice component per item.

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