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I just started using Pages Collection Style Table.

I could use more flexibility in allowing the Item Data fields to be simply, "column 1, column 2, column 3, etc. and adding as many as we want/need…or at least more than 3 with labels of Title, Description, Meta. These labels of Title, Description, Meta don’t even make sense to me in this context.

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Agreed. I’ve had to turn down a few potential clients because they required a table view that needed 4+ columns.


Please, oh, please combine the Collection Style Table with the new Data Grid component. I long for a display table that allows as many columns as I want without the row numbers or column type header icons.



You can suppress the row markers in the Data Grid. Look for the checkbox in General Options.

Ditto. This seems like a given for a component that’s displaying to end-users.

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy. I hadn’t looked at the new component thoroughly enough.

Just to confirm: is it impossible to display a table without the column type icon? Very odd feature!


Wondering the same thing…is it impossible to display a table/data grid without a column-type icon? I’m new to Glide and seeing if it meets what I need for a project. This may stop the project really quickly if there’s no way to do this.

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Could not agree more. What on earth is Meta anyway?!