🦾 Data Grid Component in Glide Pages!

Pagination is already there…


I really need this functions in grid component . :sob:

Please GLIDE, pleaaaaseeee :pray:

How do I restrict users to only editing 1 item of the data grid? I’m unable to see the check boxes for each item separately as shown in the screenshot.

To enable this, you need to enable advanced actions from the Actions tab on the right side of the layout editor.

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If we are using the Data Grid and want to show alternating row colors would that need to be done in the Custom CSS class under the options section of the Data Grid?


Hey Robert, thank you for the reply. I’m new to using Glide and I have watched a few of your YouTube videos, awesome work! Any chance you have a video that explains how to use the CSS to create these color changes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I don’t have a video on that specific styling (yet), but this video might help in the interim:


Thanks, that helps me get pointed in the right direction.

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I’ve got two quick questions on Data Grid.

  1. What is “Display as” for in the field settings? It doesn’t seem to set anything for me.
  2. Did I miss something, but eaarlier in this thread there is a comment that you can allow users to reorder and sort columns. I don’t seem to be able to do that.

I am using Airtable.

Any help much appreciated as always
Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 21.17.58

I can’t seem to recall that ever having been an option.

Very first post in this thread

Seems like it only made it to production for a short timespan :sweat_smile:


Just revisited this thread in the hope to see some enhancements to Data Grid - alas nothing seems to have changed.

Anyone know if Data Grid is likely to see some (much needed) improvements? Such as actions inline, sorting, grouping etc


Inline action button is a basic must…
Either by offering an action Column (which contains a button) or by offering actions on the Right of the table.

Ideally Tables would get a huge upgrade with various column type options; Text, Date, Dropdown, Button, etc


So disappointing! I thought I found a quick and easy way to have customers select multiple items by just putting in how many they want. BUT it does nothing really without inline actions. Ugh. I wish there was a way to know when it might actually come about. Anyone?

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I’ve moved to Noloco.io for new apps exactly because of this.

How do you and your customers feel about Noloco.io’s pricing structure compared to Glide? Noloco is, as far as I know, incredibly expensive.


It depends on your use I guess. They do a per user charge of $40 p/month or so - but if you have a lot of users, you can add 100 users (as long as they don’t need to modify the app) for $179 p/month (or $1.79 per user.

So for 100 users I think it’s pretty good - if only one person needs to build the app. But if you only have say 10 to 20 users - you are right. it is pricey.

Never saw that option from them before - but great to hear.

  • Do you know if I as the only one who creates the app itself, then deploys the app to a client, can the clients staff (office workers) be under the pricing of the $179 external users? :slight_smile: