🦾 Data Grid Component in Glide Pages!

Yes I believe so - I would drop them a line. They are very responsive to questions.

As it happens though - I am struggling as I only have 10 users. So Noloco is out of my price range :cry:

Thank you, i will do so :slight_smile:

If it’s for a client, that require you to choose the business plan, i see that the profit on it and the explanation for the pricing to the client, can be a bit difficult, especially if they dont know that you’re developing their “custom app” using a nocode builder.

Valid point

Full disclosure. I built a lovely app in Noloco that does exactly what I need. But then hit the pricing wall. Now looking at going back to Glide.

I’m not a developer. Im building for myself. Just hope Glide make some improvements to data grid and tables soon. They have a lovely product - just a couple of things I am missing.

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Bringing this thread back to the data component -

Does anyone use it? I find it so limited.

Ya, I use it every now and again. I’d probably use it a lot more if we could have actions per row.


I do use it here and there, for cases where the client wants to have a full look at the data before exporting a CSV. Agree with Robert that it would be better if it has actions per row.

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Same answer as Bob & Thinh. It has it’s uses. I mostly use it in “read only” mode for data display. Although it can be useful for allowing quick editing of data in configuration-type tables.


Thank you! Three experts in one go. Not bad!

I would love to see grouping, actions per row amongs other things. Keep trying to use it but having to give up.

Tables still frustrate me. No control over column widths and limited to 4 columns

I’ll make my plea as well- Can we please please have power tables so we could be build applications like this?

Just a bit prettier obviously :sweat_smile:
Infinite columns, sorting, grouping, inline editing, actions, choice, slider, images

Power user applications are so common, especially in the industries of a typical organization utilizing Glide. @david


can i know, why mine is different? For business only ?
I think yes, mine was PRO only, make me so sad

Different to what?

That example that Eden gave is not a Glide App.

Second image of this one

Ah, I see.

Yeah, that was a thing for a short time when the Data Grid was first released. Then it mysteriously disappeared and it’s never come back. We don’t know why :man_shrugging:

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:smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hopefully because bigger and better improvements are coming for it. Would love love love to have a better table and data grid component.

Just saw a concept today that will blow your mind. Not sure when it will be released but omg it’s beautiful.


Can’t wait… I have so many projects which could utilize a comprehensive table component.

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Give us a hint at least. :grinning:
The Grid layout is soooo close to being very helpful

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Oh you tease!!! Any update on this?