Tables in Glide Pages

Hi, guys!

While trying to built a table in Glide Pages, I ran into a situation which I can’t find a way to add more columns.

I was wondering if you can help me with this situation. Am I able to insert more columns?

It should work can you show some screenshots demonstrating the problem?

A Loom video would be most welcome too :wink:

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Presumably you’ve tried clicking the + at the top right of the Data Editor, yes?

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I saw this today too when working with a client…zoom out within your web browser window and you should see the + in the top right corner.

Sorry. I’m talking about this table component.

The table component is just a collection with Table style. It is limited to Title, Description, Meta, and Image as your options.

What you may actually want is a Data Grid, which allows you to add any many columns as you need.


Yeaaaah! Sure!! It worked. Thaks everyone!


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