Table with more than two columns

Hello All,
Iam new to Glide i have a question.
In details we can ad simple table but that table just can add rows not columni want add a table made with more than two column is that possible in Glide ?
Thank you alot

you can use css

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Apps: limited to 2 columns (per table component) on screen width
Pages: limited to 2 columns per table component, but you can add columns to the container on the page

In the data editor, with template columns, you can concatenate pieces of information (multiple columns) and have that column in the date editor display the multiple pieces of information in a single column of the table component.


3! Title, Description and Meta columns… Along with images and actions!

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Oh my gosh really??? I always avoided the table component in GlTables assuming the component was exactly the same as in GlApps… Thanks for correcting me. This is great news.


You can try generating a template HTML using the link above, then plug it in a template column and input your data accordingly.

Once you get the result, you can display it in a rich text component.