Item with more than 3 datas

i use collections in glide pages.
can I create an item that has more than 3 data in it?
from what I see each one can have title, description, meta (and also image)
I want to present on the same row, of the same item more than 3 data sources.
is that possible?

Welcome @Yuval1!

You mean create more columns? For sure this is possible and you must do it!

Thanks Lucas!

so how can i do it?
my table data has let’s 5 columns.
I want to display all of them. so in each row there will 5 columns with data.
From what I see I have only 3 columns of data (title, description, meta) and one image.

What am I missing?

Sorry, I didn’t get where and how you want to display this.

  • Are you doing an app or glide pages?
  • Do you wanna display those data in a specific component or in a screen?

If Glide allows you to have only 3 columns of data then what you can do is use template columns to concatenate some of them together, I think.

I’m using glide pages since I’m building a web-app for desktop.
I want to display on a screen a table that more than 3 columns.
see my screenshot:

any suggestions? :slight_smile: