How do I make 4 columns in a collection?

In the new website of glide, they show off lots of very nice conten but i somehow feel left behind because the actual funcationality of the glide platform doesnt seem to be able to do what they’re presenting.

See this screenshot of the video on the main page, it shows an example app with a 4 column collection layout. How can i replicate this? Tried searching for the template, doesn’t exist.

Looking for your help :slight_smile:

I assume you can reach that with the custom collection.
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Not possible

Multiple column containers are only available in New Apps not classic apps. To use multiple columns add a container to your screen and on the right hand side of the editor adjust the number of columns.

FYI multiple columns only work in desktop mode… in mobile they will stack on top of each other.

I can’t see where u are referring to. Please help :slight_smile:

Try the ‘container’ component instead of custom collection.

If you are trying to make a ‘4 column collection’ where one collection spills across the other columns I don’t think that’s Natively possible… what you can do is have 4 separate collections inside one container

FYI you can’t put a custom collection inside of a container just use a regular one

That makes sense now - However, according to their copy it’s designed as if it’s a 4 column collection.

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You could try a single table collection instead of the advice above… that would give you three columns wide. I can’t be for certain but possibly the screenshot is of a table collection with improvements that haven’t been released.

It just annoys me that they showcase things not released yet. They’ve done that multiple times before.

I hear ya. In fact the screenshot you shared is ‘5’ columns wide and the second column has an image. I think it’s pretty telling that this component doesn’t exist yet… at least not in its final form. I do believe it’s on the road map though.

If I’m mistaken I’m sure my colleagues will correct me :wink:

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Have you tried the Data Grid component?

Hi @Jeff_Hager I think the image in the screenshot is showing actions being available (3 dots on the right) on the record which isn’t available on the Data Grid (one of the shortcomings)

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Yes you are correct. It’s not directly the same as what the screenshot is showing, but the Data Grid might be a useful alternative if you don’t need the 3 dot option. Ideally the Table Collection would allow you to add multiple columns the same way that the Data Grid does.

I would hope that these are new features that we can look forward to from Glide, but yes I agree that it’s confusing that they are showing features that don’t exist yet.


Hi. Jeff. I am having the same issue as what you are discussing. How do I use the Table collection to add more columns? It seems maxed out at 4 but I would like to extend it like how it is done with the data grid to 7 columns. Can you advise?

The Table Collection does not allow any more columns than what it currently offers.

Such a shame, this limits so much the user interface and functionality