Additional items data in inline list


When creating a new collection > list or table, is it possible to show more information than just title, description and meta ?

I can only show 3 data but I need more.

Are there any solutions and or workaround to show more data from the table ?

Many thanks in advance,


In title, description and meta you could select template columns in which to compose more data.


Thanks Roldy !
It works as expected.
Is there a way to format the template column in order to have a table structure ?
At this moment, depending on the number of characters, the data are not aligned.

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Yes, this is a problem.
I have successfully experimented (with limitations anyway) this possibility with Glide App thanks to CSS. However, this possibility is not provided for Glide Pages actually, sorry.
We hope for possible future developments of the Pages platform, because I believe this need of yours is also very much felt by others too.