Pages - Displaying more than 4 columns in a list/table

Hi I am looking to use Pages to create web apps which will be primarily used on a desktop/laptop. I need the ability to display more than 4 columns in a list/table but cannot see how I can accomplish this. I understand this makes sense for the Glide App but with Pages you have more screen space. Am I missing something? Love the rest of the app :slight_smile:


Wellcome to the community Scotttiey.

I agree that more columns would be a great improvement for list/table layout. Meanwhile you can use template computed columns to present more data in a single column.

Look at this list example. A single template column can show a lot of data details…

Hope it helps.

Thanks @darder! I will give that a go

Yes would love the ability to add more columns,

Currently having to use the template field to display the required columns

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An alternative is display them as “buttons” on the item and add a “show details view” action to each of those items, but the alignment at the moment is not great.

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