Displaying more columns in the table (front end - not the back end!)

Hello all

I come up against this so frequently - I can’t believe there isn’t a work around!

I want to show more columns/fields in a table view (or list view or any view for that matter) - on the front end - not the back end tables.

I have tried -

  • Data Grid - but as well documented, that doesn’t allow row actions - so users cannot click on a row and be taken to a detail page
  • Concatenating 2 or more text fields into a single field so that I can get more data in
  • I also regularly use number emojis, such as :one: to Concactenate onto a text field to show the number of comments (for example)

Any tips / suggestions?


PS - I have also tried adding a URL / Link to a field in Data Grid, but failed miserably

I think you can try using template columns to fit more data in one field (which you seem to have tried) or building your custom collection.

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Ahh thanks Nathanael

I’d actually forgotten about using a custom collection (I use loads of template columns currently!).

That still only gives me 3 columns, but it does give me more fields in more rows - so will give that a try. From memory - it’s not a very compact view is it though? I have a lot of data to show.

Thanks again, Much appreciated

One option is a HTML table inside a Rich Text component within a Custom Collection.


Able to share example please. TQ

Thanks Darren

That’s a good thought - so I am guessing -

Pop the table HTML code in a template column and replace the values in there.
Then pop the template field into a custom collection?

Is that about right?

Thanks again

Yes, that’s correct. Use it in a Rich Text component inside a Custom Collection.

I think @Jeff_Hager uses this method. He might have an example that can be shared.


Yeah, I use this method in various ways.

This example is more about the look of the collect than it was about information density. Here is how I have a template column set up.

Then I use that template column in a single rich text component in a custom collection to get this result. There’s a lot going on, but there is an HTML table in there.


Fabulous! Thank you both.

Really appreciate how much help you offer in this forum - I wonder whether you ever sleep sometimes!

It helps more than you can imagine.




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