Three or more columns in a table view

Hi, I want to view data just as a table with more than 3 columns - I cannot work out how to do this as it does not seem to be covered by list, or table. Many thanks, confused new user!!

I assume you’re using Glide Apps, not Glide Pages.

At the moment this is not supported, Glide Apps’ basic table can only show 2 columns.

A workaround is using HTML Tables, something like the image shown in this post.

You can try creating a sample table here:

Then plug the resulting code in a template column and replace the right data in there.

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Many thanks indeed!

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Hey ThinhDinh,

I’ve been exploring options to display a more robust table in layout, and found your note here. I’ve tried using the external souce for the code and the template column with the code and with a rich text component I’m able to retrieve a long string. I believe it’s just a matter of customizing the HTML code for appearence.

Now, would I need to manually add the rows with the HTML table generation for every new entry? I’m working on an App with thousands of rows entered weekly and being stored in SLQ tables.

How else could this be approached? Woul really appreciate any suggestion/guidance!

You would build out the html for each row in your SQL table. Then use a Joined List to bring it into another table where you would then use a template column to wrap the joined list with the rest of the html. That will allow it to be dynamic. Now, if you are using an SQL data source, there are some restrictions regarding computed columns, but I haven’t been following along close enough to know what you can or can’t do.

This thread is quite old however and we do have newer options, such as a data grid component, and glide is working on an enhanced version of that as well.


Yeah, if you can, I would advise you to wait a bit on a new data grid version that would satisfy your needs. You can actually try it in Staging.

Make sure you enable this.


This is now in Production :partying_face:


@Darren_Murphy is this feature also available for Glide Legacy plan?

Yes, I believe so.

@Darren_Murphy How/where should I be able to use it? :slight_smile:

Do you see a component called “New table”? Are you using Classic or new Glide apps?

No, unfortunately not. I think I am using Glide Apps (with Integrations, Actions etc.).

Have you enabled the Preview option for New Table? It’s still in beta.


Thanks! I have it now.:fire: Was logged in with insufficient admin rights.

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