DATA does not save information

My app’s URL: The problem is not in the application. Only at Glide.
Hello friends!
I’m having a problem editing an app on Glide.
When selecting a product I click on the “Quero” button to say that I want the product.
Then open a choice where I select the quantity. After I click the add to cart button. Seconds later the “Quero” button returns as if I were saying that the product no longer interests me.
The mobile app is working, but Glide is not allowing me to make changes, especially Visibility, because my settings are not confirmed by not recording the DATA.
(By Google Translate rsrsrsrs)

Where does your “Add to cart” button live?

Olá @ThinhDinh!
I have a public application for shopping on whatsapp for 4 products. Each product has its specific ID.
The “Add to cart” button increments by ID in one of the 4 columns. There are 4 “Add to cart” buttons.