Buy Button not showing correct test results in App:Sales

When using the buy button and testing it, I see the results show up in App:Sales however I defined description within glide to use a certain data field. I don’t see any description getting populated in the App:Sales

It comes back based on how you assign it. Sharing a sample record from my sheet.

Purchaser name
Purchaser email
Purchased item
Item SKU
Paid at

Name here
Plan C
LM-PlanC-1/ ID:954a4f3e-6f09-46a4-982a-7fe18cc3b4fa

Where do you assign it? Under Product Info… is that is the case I only see Name & ProductID sending data to App:Sales worksheet.

Product description is not sent to the sheet. Only name, id, and price. I think description is only used for the checkout process. You’ll have to build a much info as you can into the product name, but that can only be done in the sheet. The alternative is to make a copy of your app sales sheet that’s visible in glide. Then you can create a relation and lookup from that sheet to the sheet that contains the description. (Or do a vlookup in Google sheets)

Gotcha, thanks for the info. I will do some vlookups with arrayformula

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