Buy Button Questions

Hello Experts,

I’m trying to use Buy Button to setup several different membership options for a non profit. Already integrated with Stripe and since I don’t want to ask for things like addresses twice I’m not using a separate form entry. Instead I want to have a way to provide the 5 required fields for each of the options somewhere glide can look it up from.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way for the BuyButton data source to be changed. It defaults to the main google sheet.

Any examples or tips on how to do this will be appreciated


IF I’m understanding correctly, you want Glide to be able to “see” the App:Sales sheet. Right?
So, create a new tab in your GSheet, in field A1 add this:
={‘App: Sales’!A:M}
And then refresh your Glide editor. Then you can see that tab from Glide and to relations, lookups and more using the sale sheet.

Thanks @eltintero I figured out a way to take care of this


I am doing the same in a seperate “SALES” tab using arrayformula to link the SALES tab to the App: Sales.

Do you think there will be less lag using your solutions or the arrayformula?



I don’t know TBH, both work SUPER fast

@eltintero I get this error when trying to send the data from the App: sales to another sheet?

Also: do you know if it’s possible to edit the sheet of App: Sales? My sales data doesn’t update whenI added other additional columns

The single quotes don’t look correct. It should look like:

={'App: Sales'!A:M}