APPs not saving new data

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Describe the bug:
Unable to save new data. Data entered from the phone APP is not updated into the Glide Data editor or the OneDrive spreadsheets. When APP is refreshed, it then reverts to old data.

Expected Behaviour:
Data entered via phone APP reflects in glide editor and spreadsheets and is saved.

How to replicate:
User enters data via phone APP, on refreshing APP, the new data is not seen

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Does Glide have read/write permission in your OneDrive db?

Yes, it does have permission. The APPS have been working fine for the last 3 months but this seems to have been broken in the last week.

I can still access the OneDrive files directly from the Glide Editor

Please submit a ticket so we can check this further.

Thanks for that. I have submitted the ticket

Hi Santiago and the team, thanks for your help in trying to sort this issue. I just figured out what the problem is.

I locked the spreadsheet tab with a password, and it seems Glide was unable to update it when its locked. I have unlocked the spreadsheet and it seems to be updating now.

Many thanks

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