Glide is not updating my spreadsheet (using Set Column Values or Increment Number)

Eek! With the Festival opening tomorrow, I’ve just discovered I’m not actually saving any data in my spreadsheet :woman_facepalming:

I’m using Glide to check in Ticket holders at a festival. I have two tables - one for an order, and one for the tickets on that order, using the Order ID as the relationship.

Users can search for details about the customer and matches are displayed as an inline list.

When they tap on the order, the action is to show the detail screen as a Detail screen with two inline lists of the tickets on this order.

I’ve set it up so that the user can tap on an icon with a ticket image annotated with some information about the number of tickets bought and the number of people checked in against that ticket.

I present the ticket info in two different places as inline lists. Tapping one version sets a numeric column “Here” to the number of tickets bought. (I also save an arrival date and time, but that’s not critical.)

Tapping the other version increments “Here” by 1 (so that if there’s a large party, they don’t all have to arrive together).

As I do either of these, I see the information about the number of arrivals update on the screen, but the numbers never get saved in the spreadsheet, which means
a) if the user ever logs out, we lose all the data (it’s a 3 day festival)
b) we have no permanent record of who’s arrived
c) we can only have one person using the app at a time

Why is this not working?

:woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Solved it! For some reason, I had protected the data in the Google Sheet. Now that I’ve unprotected it, it’s being updated, of course.

Panic over. Phew!


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