Creating a system of resource planning and work with clients of garment production

Before I create an application, I would like to ask for help from the community if it is possible to implement this on Glide.
For an enterprise engaged in sewing clothes we need to implement a system of interaction
between the client and the manager.
Then the order should be transferred to technologist, administrator. The final recipients are seamstresses who work in groups.

It is necessary to make four separate interfaces and in one accounting and scheduling system.
The interfaces for

  • Customer
  • Account manager
  • Technologist
  • The administrator
  • The seamstress.

The client can register in the app and have access to chat with the manager, administrator, and technologist.

At the first stage, communication and acceptance of the order is between the client and the manager. We need to implement a stable chat with the ability to attach files. Each client must have a separate chat. And the technologist and the administrator can join it.
The manager also has access to the accounting system to the table of consumption of raw materials by customers it should also be done on the Glide. There should also be access to the table with the rest of the finished product.

At the next stage, the manager enters the client’s order into a special form. The form is transferred to the technologist.
He also enters an order into the schedule for a week, a month.

Next to work with the order begins to technologist and administrator.

Technologist has access to his personal workspace, he has a chat with the seamstresses with the ability to download photos and files. He has access to the accounting table of raw materials and balances of finished products. He also manages the order. He can edit the order form created by the manager.
He can connect to the chat with a specific client.

The administrator has access to chat with a specific client and seamstresses separately, as well as chat with the technologist and seamstresses. Has access to the table of raw material accounting and the table of finished product balances. Accounting for incoming and outgoing. Maintenance of the client’s order created by the manager.

The seamstress has access to chat with a technologist and access to the table accounting for finished products.

Please advise how possible to implement such functionality on the Glide. Need more than 20 users. Role distribution, so that the seamstresses do not see the chats of the administrator, the client, the manager. How stable would such a system work?

What kind of tariff is needed for this? Enterprise or Private App with the purchase of seats for additional accounts?


The project is very structured, so it certainly deserves a more in-depth study, but I can roughly say that everything seems feasible to me.
Probably the hypothesis would be to create two Apps that share the same database:

  • Customer App, may be a licensed mobile Glide Pro App
  • the App for administrators and sub-administrators (managers, technicians, seamstresses), could be a Glide Pro Page.

Thanks for the interesting solution two different frontends and one database.
So the database will be on Glide Pages and the client application will just be able to connect to it?
Is it possible to create stable chats on Glide for different groups of users?
All users need push notifications

That’s a No-go for push notification. There are some basic notifications for android users you can read here

If you search push notifications in this forum you will see it’s a frequently discussed topic. Some use Integromat + twilio or click send, I’ve also seen app script working with WhatsApp. Here is the closest thing to ‘Native’ I’ve seen and it looks like it took a lot work to do it.

Yes, to be precise, Apps have a data source and the data source can be shared.
The built-in chat function is probably not enough for you, but you can build a scenario on your own, see for example these notes by @Robert_Petitto
💬 TWO new templates! Private Chat + Group Chat with social profiles.

As for push notifications, follow the right directions given above by @Eric_Penn


Maybe you know.
Does Glide support attaching files to chat messages?

Only of you build the chat interface yourself using inline lists. The native chat/comments components do not support file/image attachments.