More user friendly chat (closer to Whatsapp)?


I am trying to make a more user friendly chat which is more like Whatsapp within my current HR app.
Unfortunately the Glide chat is very not user friendly as you have to press a “+” button to start a chat and so it’s less immediate. Also I can’t make group chats and attach photos or video as in Whatsapp.
Is this possible? Will Glide think about these features considering that push notification are now available on Ios 15.4?


Attaching photos and videos might be tricky. The closest I have worked towards is something like this.

But I’m sure with more CSS manipulation you would be able to do something better.

Let’s say this, for a left-and-right chat experience.

I don’t think the push notification being out would push Glide to make changes to the native chat, which has not gone through any major enhancements since the first days. I don’t think it’s a priority at all.