Private or Directed Chat Message?

Is there a way to create a private chat feature where one user can chat with a specified group of users without others seeing the chat? Thanks in advance for your help.

Yep. I have a template for that:


Thanks, I will check it out. Can you use a template inside of another app design or does that template have to stand alone? Never used someone’s template before.

That’s a challenge. Unfortunately you can’t embed glideapps within each other for security reasons. You could try copying the logic from the template to your existing app bit by bit. Or start with the template and build you app around that.

The downside of starting with the template is glideapps that start from a template can not be made “copyable”.


It’s a stand alone…you’d need to rebuild it to integrate it into your app.

Please, does the link of template changed now? Because i don’t find the template

Thank for your replying in advance?

Yes, that was an older template. This is my newer one:

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Hi Bob, thanks for creating this template. Just a quick follow up, if that’s okay: are the chats protected so that only the users in the chats can view the information? In my use case, the chat feature only needs to be one-to-one (ideally with admin view), but unless I duplicate every chat row in two different tables, I can’t work out how I would secure the chats through row ownership

You can have multiple row owner columns in the same table. One can contain the user email, and the other can contain the admin email or role.

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Thank you for your response. I’m so excited. I use glide to create, innovate and do many good thing to allow person and company to reduce their difficulties. If there are news and particular information for creative nocode user, you can take me in account. Thank you

Hi glide community. I have an question. I have a big project with my customer and it’s an app which will necessits very big amount of data and row into my glide table. I don’t know still here all possibilities of designing of mobile app with glide but if can have conviction that glide can allow me to create that big app that I’m going to build. I search example of app create with glide but I don’t find in order to be sure and rassure my customer

Thank you to take my preoccupation in account

How big are we talking here? What plan are you using?

No. Actually, I want to start the project which will require many million of users so before starting, I must know if effectively, my app build with glide can allow me to do it. Otherwise, I will use another nocode app to do it

Thank you for you response

I would suggest checking the pricing page to see the limitations on each plan and see if Glide is the right pick for you.

Personally, I think many milllion of users is a lot, so you might want to test with a small subset of that first, with your MVP built on Glide, then decide on the next steps.

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Ok Thank you I’m so excited to know it. I see glide pricing but i was stunned to see that for the Business Plan, I can only have 1000 public users
It’s for that reason that i ask if there exist for enterprise plan a possibility to have many million of public users. If yes, what is the price? Please, if it’s me which don’t understand, explain me more. Thank you

From the same link above, scroll down a bit, you can see the “Contact Sales” button. Please talk to the team so they can give you more advice on that front.