🔗 Create a deeplink to ANY screen

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

Need a way to create, store and share any link to any screen within your app?

Discover several tips and tricks for generating deeplinks in my latest video:



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Great question!

As long as a user has access to a screen, the deeplink will work…otherwise, they get taken to the first accessible tab in the app.

More about deeplinks:

  1. If a conditional action prevents a user from accessing a details screen (eg. paywall), that details screen is STILL ACCESSIBLE via the deeplink.
  2. If a visibility condition on the TAB for the deeplink prevents a user from accessing the tab, the deeplink will NOT work—instead, users will be directed to the next accessible tab.
  3. If you have a hidden page (a tab with the “hide from navbar” option is checked), the deeplink to that screen is STILL accessible.

Take a look:


oh fine thanks this is so important for marketing …


Great work, @Robert_Petitto !

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I used the deeplink feature for the first time today in one of my Glide Apps. But I am really disappointed to discover that using the link opens the browser and NOT the App that has been saved/used previously (via the usual save to screen when installing the app for the first time).

This results in the device (iPhone) not recognizing the user and behaving like it’s opening the App for the first time, e.g. asking for a user login with the Glide hint: save the link to home-screen again. Quite frustrating.

Any workarounds?

I want to be able to share links with existing users that already have the App installed without this crazy opening of a fresh browser.

Yaaaa…I think we’ve had conversations about this behavior. It varies per OS as well, right @Jeff_Hager?

I don’t think there’s a way to target an installed PWA…right? Would Glide have to develop a URL handler on their side?


I believe so. I have an Android device, and when I open a link (from my email, for example), I’m presented with the option to open the link in a browser or open the already installed version of the app (at that point I can set one or the other as the default). I think Android is a little more open to the idea of PWA’s, so they are much more integrated into the OS, and treated like native apps.

I haven’t tried it with deep links though. Just the main root url.


What if the row owner is enabled on that row id? Will it still be visible?

It depends.

If Row Owners are enabled and the user has access to the row with the deep link, then it should work.
If they don’t have access, then that row won’t exist on their device. And so (I assume) the deep link would send them to the first available tab that they have visibility of.

NB. If you have row owners applied to the RowID column, then none of the deep links will work, because no users will have access to any rows. But I assume that’s not what you meant. :wink:

Obviously, I’m asking about the row, not that row id as the row owner :sweat_smile:
Got it. Thanks.

In case anyone finds it useful (or frustrated by row owner restrictions) my App has a button that offers to copy the CURRENT screen link to clipboard. It is actually a custom action that has 2 steps. First it executes a ‘set column’ step that pushes the Deeplink into the item’s row. Then, it copies the link to clipboard along with other info I wish to share.

In this way, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to construct the URL based on Row ID’s.

Right! Isn’t this the first method that I show in the video?

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I thought the first method was all about how to set 1 column using a button and/or then decoding the link to be able to manually build the URL deeplink for all row items. I could see this would be very useful if you needed an inventory of those paths to send out, irrespective of whether the user is on the page or not.

What I didn’t see - and apologies if I missed it - was the simple ‘set column and then copy to clipboard’ action for a user that is on the page and want to share it.

I’m sure it’s me and apologies if I duplicated or implied it wasn’t in the great demo :slight_smile:

No implication of that at all! The first method I showed was the set column > Link to current to screen. I didn’t tack on the copy to clipboard for sake of simplicity, but yes, that would be a natural and convenient custom action for the user. Using Set column action used to be the only way we could generate deeplinks after all.


@Robert_Petitto this is great, but how can I write the deep link from the template column back to my data source, which in this case is Airtable to be used in an email??

Can you just create the deeplink using a formula in Airtable?

Yes but the row ID assigned in Glide isn’t present in Airtable. Airtable assigns it’s own record ID, so I’ll still need to get the row ID from Glide to Airtable so it can be concatenated with the rest of the url.

If you add a RowID column in Glide, it doesn’t show up in AT?