Link to current screen feature

Hello everybody,

I’ve been trying to send a by trigger zap notification the link of a current screen.

The link seems ok but when the user clics on it the URL gets shorter to the “main” one so it leads to the main menu or whatever the first screen is.

Any tips to solve it?

Thanks in advance ;)!

Albert Puig

Make sure your sheet has Row IDs…I believe this is a requirement to get the deeplink.

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Thanks Robert, yes I did asign row IDs but still not working… :sweat_smile:

The browser pick up the correct URL but suddenly changes to the main one.

I tried diferent navigators and incognit session with no luck…

Anyway is there is another way, will be apreciatte.

Many thanks in advance, have a nice weekend ;)!

Albert Puig

Make sure there are no visibility requirements on the page they are trying to view as that will redirect them to your home page.

Hi Joe, I understand then that is not possible to redirect to the page if there is any visibility condition for now. Is that correct? Thank you!

Yes, so for example, if you have a Tab/screen hidden when “email is empty for Users” and a non signed in user tries to access that Tab via your Deep Link, then they will be redirected to the first visible tab.

But if they meet the Visibility conditions, then they can still access that page via Direct Link.
Might not be your issue, but something to check for!

OK, so something I might have done wrong since the the deep link is OK but, eventhough the user acomplish the visibility conditions, is redirected to the home screen…

I’ll keep trying, but in the meanwhile if there is any other tips will be apreciatte :wink:

Thanks in advance!

I had the issue as well, to works well, the deeplinks need to be created with an action in a published version of the app and not in the builder.

Not sure how to explain, but you have to do the action (create the link and access it) in a published version of the app, not in the builder.

This is also correct. If you clicked a button to create and save the deeplink when using the builder, you’ll get the wrong deeplink. You’ll need to click the button on the live app.

One tip for not needing an action to create a deep link is to go to the live website and copy the entire url. Then use a template column.

Example of a deep link in my app.

So using the above link, the last part “ 51UqeVq2RbCURmqA7glnng” is the row ID of that particular item.

So using a template column, I would do:

and dynamically replace ROWID with the Row ID column.

Then you can just share the temp column as your deep link.


Hello everybody,

First off all, thanks to all you gave som advice. I really apreciate.

However, still having problems. I think the link is generated correctly but, for some reason, when the users clicks the link, at the end,the browser loads the home page instead. It even hapens when I open the link from a incognit browser session. Here a video that might help what I’m trying to explain:

Deep link trouble

Sorry to insist, it might be something I’m doing wrong. Any help will be apreciate.

Thanks and good night.

I opened your app. Which screen is the deep link supposed to take a user to?

Could be a few things.

  1. You require people to sign in to your app to access
  2. Looks like you require them to fill out a form before accessing more of the app.

Both or one of these things could prevent a user from accessing a screen thats beyond these “gate keeping” requirements. I suspect its the form.

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Hello everybody,

Still having problems. As far as I understood, the deep link will only work if:

  1. We have a ID Column for the item
  2. It’s created outside the builder
  3. There in no visibility conditions for that screen.

Am I correct?

1 and 2 easy. The third is most of the times impossible to acomplish.

Any other tips please :pray:

Many Thanks!

As long as the user you share it to has the right to see that screen, then it should not be a problem. What do you mean by “impossible to accomplish”?

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This is my theory, and I hope it works.
You can construct the URL for an item just using the RowID for that record and suffixing it with the URL of the screen the viewer will have access to.

For instance, let’s assume a networking app, where each user can access the profiles of other users using a Search tab.

When Viewer 2 wants Viewer 1 to view Viewer 2’s profile, a link in the following format needs to be sent to Viewer 1: AppDomain[dot]com/Search/[RowID of Viewer2]

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Yep! Explained here:


Yep. Forgot to point to the video Robert created, which was the source of my theory.

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Hello everybody,

Thanks for your advise, now seems to work fine. I was just generatin the link from another tab wich had more visibility restrictions and thats way it didn’t work.

Just one more question. Is it possible to make a “short” and “nicer” link to send?

Anyway, many thanks again and have a happy new year!