Deep Links

Hey Guys. I have followed all the instructions for deep links but cannot seem to get deep links to work. Does this feature still work?
I add row ID on the data editor for the relevant sheet but my URL is always the same (it’s the app URL)
I tested this feature when it came out but not since then. I seem to remember it being pretty simple. Now i’m pulling my hairs out for hours trying to figure this out. Is there a video for this OR could you create one?
Is there a trouble shooting/help file that i don’t know about.

Deep links only works for details screen. Are you testing on a details screen?


Are you looking at a tab level? It won’t work on a tab level.

I’m looking at tab level. I’ve also tried to add inline list and click through to view details.
I insert a button, then features - action - copy to clipboard - data - link to current screen.
Are you able to give me a few steps of the exact procedure?
My brains are cooked at the moment?
Thanks for your quick reply.

Sorry i was just checking if i was testing on the details screen. Bro, i think i am.
I’m so frazzled now that i’m not even sure of my name at the moment.
Just checking, is this the correct forum for these type of intricate questions or should i be using another forum? I checked the topics and didn’t see any similar topics. I’ve searched for videos because those usually make it easy but i think being a new feature they don’t yet have a video tutorial for this yet. Appreciate the help.

Okay I think I’ve got it.
I was copying to clipboard from inside the glide builder and it just gives me the app url.

When I went in the app on my phone and clicked on the copy to clipboard button. It gave me a long URL. When I tested that it went right to the details page of the inline list I wanted to deep link to.
Not sure why it wouldn’t give me that long URL when inside the builder?
Also it kept saying that I need to add a row ID when I had already added one.
Aaarrrggghhh. Seems like gremlins got in my system.

It will only work in the real app version. The builder is just an emulator of the real app, the link you see on your bar must be the builder’s link.

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Does your RowID column have an icon of a key?

Okay I’m going to check just now. I wonder if that may have been the problem because I did see a different row ID with no column header text. Will message a little later. :+1::+1:

Been schvitzing my gwaza all day on this. Right, so on “Sheet 2” i had an arrayformula pulling from “Sheet 1” which had it’s own Row ID. So the “Sheet 2” needed it’s own Row ID to work (because my details page content was coming from “Sheet 2”).
Solution: Delete Row ID from “Sheet 1” and add new Row ID to “Sheet 2”
This thing made a proper fool of me today.
Thanks Guys.