Difficulty with Deep Links

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to make deep links work for my app but keep running into the same issue. I’ve tried “Link to Current Screen” and creating a custom link in the Glide Table. I do have Row IDs. No matter what I’ve tried, it just defaults to my main custom domain name, and thus the app home page. Any ideas?

When you copy the link, are you doing it on the Glide editor or on the App from you phone?

Also make sure that you are setting the deep link on the details screen of your Tab. If you are doing it on the Tab, then it will only go to the main domain.
It needs to be a details screen that you are sending your user to.

At the moment Glide Apps don’t recognise Tabs as separate pages e.g. glideappsdotcom/Tab

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I am copying the link from my desktop app, not from the editor. And yes, I am doing it from a detail screen.

If you don’t mind, can you post a screenshot of how you have setup your action to copy the link. It should work if you are doing it from the details screen.

Another issue would be visibility conditions of your screen.
Is your App public or public with email. If there is sign-in required in your App then it will default to the main domain.

I am trying to think of all possible reasons that could cause this to happen as I also had such an issue with one of my Apps. Unfortunately there is not much information you have provided so it’s a bit difficult for me to determine what it could be