Save Deep link in database

Hi Gliders,

It is now possible to know the deeplink of each page and save it in database.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the builder
  2. Add a clickboard button with the “link to the current screen”.
  3. Publish your app, to get the right URL
  4. Open your application on the web and click on the button you created.
  5. You will get a URL like this:
  6. You can use the first part of the URL as a column template:{ROWID}

You just have to add the ROW ID as a variable.

Et voilà :fr:
Le Sheet c’est chic.

Have a fun


Thanks for sharing @Aymeric_de_Maussion :pray:

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I thought deep links in Apps were subject to break based on certain changes made within thr app itself. Has this been fixed and deep links are now stable? If so, this would be amazing.

I believe this is a nice side effect of Apps moving to the NCM (New Computational Model).


Sweet! I was always nervous about these deep links breaking when updating my App!

This is now much, much more stable. It has always been the case for Pages, I believe (since they were on the new computation model from the start). I love building deep link use cases for Pages, glad I can now use it for Apps.


Hi Community,

Wondering where can i find the link to current screen in glideapps for custom New screen?


What do you mean a “custom” new screen?

hi hi

We have a tab with an inline list

Inline List

When click in, wanted to get the current page link component

Hope the above info is sufficient.

Thanks in advance for any advise.

You can have the custom action to show details view first, then set “link to current screen” to a column in your database.

That “link to current screen” value you see on the left-hand side is not available as a component for details screen setup.