Problem with new Glide version: Link to current screen

In all apps I used link to current screen w/o any trouble. Now it doesn’t function any more. E.g. in the very sam app before few days this correct link was generated: Poslovice za djecu

Now this link is generated instead:

It behaves like I am working i Glide editing, but it NOT the case! The same happens if using app on desktop or on mobile!

What’s happening?

I’m not understanding the issue, but it’s likely because I’m unable to translate the app into. English at the moment. What action or button in the app is being used to create a deep link? Deep linking is most reliable when you’re using the action in the app itself vs. from the builder/dashboard.

In between I have found maybe an explanation: I am setting URL in the sheet through set screen value after submitting new row. In that case it delivers app URL and not screen/record URL. When I am doing the very same action after submitting after editing an EXISTING row, then is everything ok. This leads me to the conclusion that the set column value during submitting new row doesn’t have yet formed “link to current screen”!?

Bug or works as designed? I have impression that before it worked correctly also for new records?

Deep links are deeply integrated with Row IDs. If you are trying to create the deep link at the same time that the row is being added, then it’s very likely that the Row ID for that new row has not been generated yet. Because of that the deep link will not be correctly created.

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Now a little joke: what do I get for revealing bulletproof workaround, which maybe can give idea for avoiding this shortcoming? :slight_smile: