Deep links don't trigger launch of bookmarked app

Hello. I’ve noticed Glide’s deep links don’t open on a device like they do for native apps. For example, if I open a deep link sent from a Glide app, the screen referenced in the deep link opens in my device’s default browser, it doesn’t open the screen in the Glide app that is bookmarked on my home screen (the link ends up being a browser experience rather than an app experience). :\

Is this the correct behavior? If not, is there anything coming from Glide that will allow Glide deep links to behave like deep links in native apps, or is this a limitation of PWAs or, worse yet, iOS deciding to not play friendly with PWAs? :slight_smile:

Here’s my reply to the same topic.

I think it’s a limitation of PWA and I don’t know if iOS will ever do something to address it considering it’s still being seen as a bookmark.

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