Force deep links to open downloaded apps not in the default browser

I am creating an event app and one of the features for my events is to have QR codes on lanyards. These codes are generated within the glide table and open the deep link to an attendees profile in the directory.

However, when the QR code is scanned on mobile (I’m testing on iOS) the deep link url opens in my default browser (chrome) and not in the app I have downloaded.

What’s interesting is when you set up push notifications in an app, when you send a deep link via a push notification it does in fact open in the app and not the default browser. And so this begs the question, is it possible to obtain the url format for the notification deep link and use that in the QR code rather than the traditional deep link?

Thanks for your help fellow Gliders.

@Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager @David_Baraev - any thoughts?

URL formats don’t differ. Notifications come directly from the app, so of course it knows to open the installed app directly from a notification.

QR codes are external to the app, so it’s up to the device to know what to do when it reads a QR code. I can say for a fact that my Android device knows how to directly open the installed version of a glide app from external sources. For example, QR codes or links from an email will always directly open the installed version of an app, rather than opening it in a browser.

I think it’s a feature request you would have to take up with Apple…or use an Android device that’s capable of doing what you want.


Yeah, I don’t think I have seen an instance where a link takes me to the installed version. Not sure if any people in the forum observed anything differently. I don’t have a workaround here.