Force app url to open in native browser

Hello. We would like to create a seamless way for new users to view the app in their device’s native app when clicking/tapping a URL outside of the Glide (e.g., when clicking a Download App link on our app’s custom promo page).

We have a promo page with a section dedicated to downloading our app. While we include QR codes which are configured to force the embedded link to open in their devices native browser (e.g., Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android), the QR codes aren’t helpful if the user is viewing the app’s promo page on their phone since they can’t scan it with their phone’s camera.

For users who visit our app’s promo page on their phone, we’d like to include a tappable URL that will force the URL to be opened by the native browser app on their phone—the same Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android—so they can complete the PWA install process correctly. Is this possible and, if so, how would it be accomplished.

Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Isn’t the behaviour always be either:

  • User has an option to choose to open the link in the browsers they have installed on their device.

  • It opens in the “preferred” browser if they have it set up already?

I’m not quite sure how you can force users to open links in a browser that you consider “native”.