Launch App (vs. mobile site)

Seeking to understand how to launch the mobile app downloaded to a user’s device. Currently using the URL to take a user to the mobile browser version of the app, but would like to launch the actual app instead. (i.e. launching Google Calendar app vs.

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Thanks Jeff for the quick reply! This is not the functionality that I am seeking. I am not attempting to launch “my glide app”, but rather incorporate a click-to-launch-app functionality within by Glide app to launch other apps that are already downloaded to the user’s phone/device.

I don’t believe that’s possible currently and would probably be OS and browser dependent if it was. Here’s a couple of things that I found.

This currently works like this for Android devices — the first time you click an app link inside an app, it asks if you want to open it in Chrome or in the downloaded app. Once you pick the app, each time you click the link in the future, the other app just opens right up. It’s great!

My guess is that the iOS atmosphere doesn’t allow this (along with many other things).