Deep Link straight into pre-installed Glide App

Hi everybody. Our app relies heavily on “Share Link” feature and I was wondering if it is possible for someone who has our app installed on their Home Screen to get a link that opens the app automatically?

It probably depends on the device. I feel like I’ve had deep links open the app directly instead of the browser. But like I said, that probably depends on the device and/or the browser. Haven’t really played around or used deep links often.

I don’t think I have ever seen that behaviour on iOS :sweat_smile:

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Maybe not if you are already in the browser and opening a link on a website, but I just tested by sending a link for one of my apps to my email (not a deep link, but just the root url). Then I opened my email app and clicked on the link I emailed to myself. It prompted me if I want to open the link in the browser or open the installed app. Maybe it’s just an Android/Chrome thing.

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