How provide deeplink for recurring users for accessing the glide app

Hey guys,

we´re struggling for recurring users providing easy access to our glide app.

Main use case is like this:

  • 1st time users gets general share link of app, opens signup view in browser and sets bookmark “to homescreen”, signs ups in app …
  • Lateron these users get an email with CTA “read this in our app” → we put the share link again on this CTA
  • app setting

Now the problem is:
Recurring users who click the CTA get the signup view with the bookmark info again in the browser

Is there any possibility to open the app directly with a specific parameter?

I assume this is because they open it in the “email browser” that does not have their login details. Since at the moment PWAs only serve as bookmarks, I don’t think there’s a way we can directly tell the device to open the “installed” app.

Didn’t consider this…ya, this is most likely the reason.

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Ok, @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto, thanks for your reply.

According to threads in the community , notfications still are not enabled on iOS.

So email notifications are the only option. I would suggest to the users to open the glide app in the browser and not via the bookmark. Is there any possibility to hide the browser navigation for this use case?

I continued making research and found ways to disable the adress bar in order to make the glide app in the browser more “app-like”.

My question:
Does this work with the glide app?
Where can I add this code - in generell settings or on each view?