Deep links: Send parameter to the app URL


I want to filter the list on the homepage based on the app URL.


Car red jeep
Car green fiat
bicycle red jeep
bicycle green fiat

the app URL will be something like :slight_smile:

when the app opened will just load the car records only

can i do this?


As far as I know not,…
To extend your request “deeplinking” into the app would be a great add on, including Form posts.

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I vote also for that !!

I second this motion!

Yep. Definitely on our roadmap!


Do u have a deadline for this…

Sorry @Ahmed_Samir. Unfortunately we can’t give a timeline yet.

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@JackVaughan is there any way to deep link to a specific page currently?

Also with the white label list - do users have to sign up for that first before being able to sign up to the app?

As you know - email whitelist allows only certain people to log in. You choose one of your sheets where your whitelisted emails are located and then only those users will be able to log in to your app. You effectively ‘sign them up’ by whitelisting them - but they still need to ‘log in’ with a pin.

However, once they have logged in, they benefit from per-user data.

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Hi Jack, so everytime users want to use the app they need to login? Isn’t there a way to avoid this? So they need to use the app and they are directly logged in? Thanks!

If you add the app to the homescreen, and even if you just use it in the browser (I think), once you log in once the user should not need to log in again as long as they use the same device. The only time they would be required to log in and get a new pin is if they clear their browser cache. Clearing the cache can cause the device login info to be cleared out. Once they are logged in, that device is semi-permanently logged in all the time.

I would love a way to link directly to parts of the app via something like a push notification (Pushbullet, Pushcut, etc). I envision having an app and, using Zapier, I could send notifications to myself and/or my wife and the notification could include a link to the relevant part of the app. That would be a dream :slight_smile:

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