How to pass parameter to glide apps?

Hello. I need to pass some parameter to glide app. How can this be done, for example, through a URL or in another way? Without zapier or similar services, I need a free and easy way to pass a parameter to the application, like this:

How to get this “var” parameter from the application?


Can you tell me if there was a solution to this?

Edit: I was not aware of a solution to use the “Get part of URL” column on the “current URL of screen”. I tested and can be sure that the method works on Chromium/MacOS since the URL doesn’t get stripped. Once you get hold of the param, you can do more things with it.

Hat tips to @Darren_Murphy .

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Yes, here is an example:

Try it with the below App:

ps. I should add that I actually learned this trick recently from @grumo :slight_smile:


Hmm, I remember trying that a year or two ago and the url would always refresh, so the query parameters wouldn’t stick. I had assumed that was still the case. Maybe it didn’t work with classic apps??? That’s awesome!


mmm, this is not something that I’d ever tried until just recently, so I couldn’t say for sure.

But I did just quickly test it with a Classic App, and it does work. My guess would be that the behaviour probably changed when we switched to the NCM? :man_shrugging:


Could be. Lots of potential there.


Can you use this to filter records or information you are showing from a database? :eyes:

Yes, you could do that.

How would you do that? Does it give it as an option in the menu?

Give me a little while, I’ll make an example.

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Here you go:

Link Using URL Parameters to Filter a Collection | Loom

The concept App if you’d like to try it:

If the above video won't play, try pasting the following link into a browser:

WTF? :exploding_head: …great tip!!

I had seen/tried the Get Part or URL plugin before, but hadn’t found a proper use case for it, but “The URL of the current screen” parameter changes everything.


Thanks for the video and your time Darren.

Feliz día!.

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FYI - In case it helps a random person out there… When you use Get Part of URL with a page with visibility conditions, you may find that the search parameter doesn’t pass through to the column because of how the app refreshes/reloads when applying the visibility conditions, even if it keeps the search parameter in the URL.

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Hello there,

I know its been a few months now since this conversation took place…but hopefully you can still help. I have tried setting up the app as you did here but it doesn’t appear to be working. Does this have other requirements not covered in the video? When I add in the parameter to the URL, it just loads everything as usual and the parameter stays in the url. No filtering happens at all. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Can you show us some screenshots or a video of how you’re setting it up on your side?

Hello, thank you for responding. I apologize it doesn’t have any sound but my microphone isn’t working.


screenshots are attached. Those show how the parameter is at the end of the url and how it gets passed to the field but there is no filtering happening…