New Computation, Is parameters planned after deeplinks?

Are we able push any parameters now via the url with new computation, as now screens are more readable and easily detected, but we would like to have a way where we can push a certain id for a new entry form not a query so we can catch an email or any data through the link clicked to the user to help.

Do you mean deep links? i don’t think so… you can use google web app to set values in GS, pass in the link parameters, and then redirect to Glide deep link

No, query parameters are not supported, and I’ve not seen any sign that they will be any time soon.

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So am looking to input params rather than query params and this is to catch the id while submitting a form which helps alot in taking ids related to a certain user

As for the query it’s not a priority for me

I’m a little confused, can you explain by describing a work flow, UI and backend

No m looking into the submission parse so I can send a use with ready paramsters similar to solutions if typeform

Have a look here Using Hidden Fields - Help Center | Typeform

you wanna generate a link, to the specific part of your app, and pass the parameters with that link, so glide can set up columns?

I don’t want to generate a link, just place the parameters only to pass through to collect it in an input form

you have to compose a link and attach parameters… ?par1=111&par2=222

I’m confused what you trying to do

You got it right this is what I want to do

you can use the main app URL or the deep link…

How will I read the parameters ?

Glide can’t do that, that’s why I suggested the Google web app… if the workflow for your app makes sense use it… so you can send users to the web app, where the parameters will be read, and the script will adjust GS values… then it will redirect to the glide app…
I,m using this technique for my custom Stripe buttons