🔗 Create a deeplink to ANY screen

Correct, it’s only in Glide so I need to find a way to save it in Airtable

That doesn’t make sense. Adding a RowID column should create a new column in the source table. It’s essentially a basic column. Not a computed column. Check to make sure it didn’t add the column as the last column in your Airtable table.

@Jeff_Hager - Nope, I can confirm the row ID is 100% not in Airtable, only Airtable recID as the identifier.

That’s a new one to me. I don’t use airtable, so I don’t know. All I know is that if I add RowID to a google sheet table, then that column is actually created in the google sheet itself.

That’s the same in airtable, you can add/show the record id and then show that back in Glide, but what I’m trying to do here is show the Glide row Id in Airtable, not to be confused

Yeah, that’s what I mean. When I add a RowID column through the glide data editor, it’s created in the google sheet, and it’s automatically populated with ID’s in the google sheet.

I just tested— @Wayne_S is right—the Row ID column doesn’t appear in AT.

That’s weird…what if you create a normal basic column in glide?

Yeah, that works just fine.

No, it doesn’t! It forces the column to be user specific.

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Sounds like a bug to me.

Edit :point_up:

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Probably should have read the docs first:

Basic vs. user-specific columns

The Airtable API does not allow Glide to add new fields to your Airtable base. Because of this, any new basic columns (e.g., Text, Number) you create in Glide will not appear in Airtable. Instead, they will become user-specific columns that are only accessible in the Data Editor in Glide.

Glide Docs • Airtable

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So, @Wayne_S , best bet is to

  1. create the deeplink column in AT
  2. use a set-column action (as part of a custom action, perhaps) to write the link to current screen to that column

So what I’ve got going on here is a CRM and Project Managment system, it allows clients to make comments on tasks, so I’m sure I could pass the row ID to Airtable when a comment is made in Glide however, in Airtable, the comments are made via the Airtable interface and then synced back to Glide, so, as the actions isn’t coming from Glide, this wouldn’t work end to end.

When a comment is made via Airtable, Airtabe send an email to the Client to say a comment has been made on said task, it would just be great if I could include a link directly to the task comment!

There must be a way to pass the row ID to Airtable after it’s been created… hummm… I can’t even do it in Make as we can’t watch for new data in Glide and retrieve the row… struggling here!

So task comments are created in both Glide and in AT?

They can be yes. Admin makes comments in AT, client makes comments Glide, for now.

Ya— if Admins are creating comments in AT, then I guess there’s no way to access the Row ID that it creates.

Only way to get the Row ID from outside of Glide is to generate a row from a webhook → Glide API. When you use the Add Row API from Glide, you’ll get a response with the Row ID that was created. However, you’re still not using AT to create the row, then…so at that point you might as well have your admins use Glide to leave a comment.

…hm. I don’t have a solution at this time :frowning:

I’ll need to look at the API more, if I can retrieve the record via the Glide API with some filter conditions then I could match the comment with the airtable record id and pull the row id that way… off I go to read the API docs!

Edit - there is no GET request :frowning:

Oh well - the only other way is to not sync the admin comments or make them invisible or store them on another table, and push them out via the API.

Seems like a big workaround however! Might just be quicker to bring the admin side of portal build forward and into Glide!

That’s what I’m thinking!

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There is, but only for Business & Enterprise customers.
However, it doesn’t support filtering - so a bit clunky…

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